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Equip Yourself: 5 Foam Roller Exercises

Recover from a hard workout with these foam roller exercises from personal trainer Brett. For more muscle recovery, repeat this video twice. Find more workouts: ...


That look on your face when the foam roller hits THE spot. #foamrolling #fitnessmotivation #fitness… 03/17/19, @CandiceSellwood
Cheap Stick-e USA Classic Foam Fitness/Massage Roller, Red, 6 x 30-Inch 03/17/19, @kidsscooterus
Cheap Stick-e USA Classic Foam Fitness/Massage Roller, Red, 6 x 30-Inch 03/17/19, @motorcyclejack4
5 Foam Roller Exercises to Ease All of Your Aches and Pains. #bodyache #musclepain… 03/16/19, @EH_Physio
The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body… 03/16/19, @liveontheedge1



  • The Total Fitness Manual

    Simon and Schuster. 2017. ISBN: 9781681880440,168188044X. 256 pages.

    "Transform your body in just 12 weeks. Take the challenge"--Cover.

  • Foam Roller Workbook

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  • Trigger Point Therapy with the Foam Roller

    Ulysses Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781612433547,1612433545. 144 pages.

    UNLOCK THE HEALING POWERS OF THE TRIGGER POINT FOAM ROLLER WITH STEP-BY-STEP EXERCISES ANYONE CAN DO AT HOME Deceptively simple and incredibly versatile, the trigger point foam roller is a highly effective self-therapy tool. By following the step-by-step movements in this book, you can maximize its healing potential to: •Alleviate Pain •Speed Recovery •Release Tension •Break Up Knots •Rehabilitate Injuries •Increase Flexibility A complete guide to using this amazing piece of equipment for self-treatment, Trigger Point Therapy with the Foam Roller shows how to soothe, relieve and heal the tight muscles caused by everything from hours sitting at a desk to overdoing it at the gym. It also details the best methods to release painful trigger points and break up soft-tissue adhesions that contribute to chronic pain.

  • IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

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    Fully illustrated with depictions of proper exercise technique, this book contains exciting strength training programs based on sport (e.g., triathlon, running, cycling, swimming) and levels from beginner to advanced. For the marathon runner, triathlete, duathlete, distance swimmer, or cyclist, these programs will complement any other training regimen an athlete follows. Written without confusing jargon, IronFit® Stregth Training… provides concise and easy-to-follow information. Don and Melanie Fink of IronFit® have coached hundreds of athletes over several decades at all levels, from weekend warriors to world champions. Their innovative approaches to strength training and nutrition not only complement an athlete’s sport-specific training, but they do so in the most time-efficient and enjoyable way possible. Multi-sport and multi-leveled, this book provides 27 specific program schedules – 9 sports and 3 levels each to give readers: 1) A progressive strength and core training program for their specific sport and level. 2) A mind and body preparation program to maximize benefits. 3) A traveling strength and core program for travel with little or no equipment. 4) A fueling and hydration routine to maximize performance before, during, and after competition. 5) A healthy eating and lifestyle plan.

  • Foam Roller Exercises

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    Foam rollers have become a staple of the home gym, and are a trusted tool to avoid injury and aid recovery. Foam Roller Exercises shows you how to make the most of this simple tool with restorative exercises to build core strength, relieve pain, and stretch your muscles. Discover over 60 foam roller stretches to strengthen, condition, and heal your body with minimal equipment. Address problems such as spending too much time sitting, stress relief, and pain management with 20 unique programs to suit your lifestyle, including pre and post-workout exercises to help your body recover. With handy step-by-step photography for every exercise, discover foam roller moves and massages for all areas of the body, including chest, back, calves, and shoulders. Add foam rolling to your routine and let your body reap the benefits.


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